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Cookyn Inc is all about Making Food Fun by fostering interactions amongst people, be it in a social group or a corporate department. More than just a cooking school, we understand that cooking is just part of the fun of working together to create memories that will last for a long time. Come, talk to us if you are interested to organise awesome team building activities for your company.

Our Crew

These are our valued core team members of the Cookyn Inc’s family, dedicated to assist you throughout the entire planning journey and making sure your event with us will be a roaring success.


Mervyn is the culinary director of The Food Explorer Group. Overseeing the kitchen teams in all our outlets, Mervyn has a wealth of experience in both traditional and modern methods of cooking. His passion is in exploring different ingredients; and tapping on his culinary experience to bring out the unique best in them – an experience he has found surprisingly similar to building high-performing teams within his kitchens.


Patrick is a passionate food enthusiast who spends a lot of his time trying find creative ways to fuse his love of food and events. To date, he has conducted team building and cooking sessions for thousands of participants. He is also proficient in putting together cooking workshops for the young and old to teach and impart culinary abilities in a fun & engaging manner. It is no wonder why he is called the Events Maverick of Cookyn Inc.


Amanda is the hostess extraordinaire of The Food Explorer Group. Taking care of the client’s journey remains close to her heart. She oversees the client servicing, sales and marketing teams to ensure the best possible experience to our clients with all the services we provide.


Kristin, a food lover who just simply love food.She’s not a Foodie but she likes to eat whenever they are trying new dishes from our kitchen. She’s a passionate individual and is always ready to help her team for them to have a good team building experience. She always believe that the joy in creating something delicious has always been and continues to be one of the finer pleasures in life.


Huiyi is a patient individual who is precise about details regardless of her responsibilities as a client servicing executive at work, or cooking at home as her personal hobby. Being goal oriented and focused, she is always determined in perfecting events for her clients and ensuring a positive experience for everyone!


Kelvin, the digital strategist and creative director in the team. He helms the creative transformation and business technology in Cookyn Inc; and also enjoys running the kitchen too (once in blue moon). Coming from a family of food lovers, he is one who would marry technology and ingredients to cook up a feast with family, friends and clients!


With over 16 years of culinary experience, Brandon is the latest addition to our Cookyn Inc family. Brandon is always exploring and eating when it comes to food as he’s always been taught that food is meant to be shared and experienced best when it’s with a community. A walking encyclopaedia of food culture, history and science – sharing and sparking curiosity in food is what he believes makes good food memories for both the tummy and the clients.

I would like to thank you for the amazing time we had at Cookyn Inc. Thank you for going through the process, for the patience with changes and more changes along the way. The experience throughout the planning and event day was so good. Please extend our thanks and gratitude to the team. The team had so much fun, bonded well, took home memories and cooking tips. Looking forward to our next Cookyn Inc adventure.
Veronica (Organiser)


Who are we?

We are proud to be part of The Food Explorer Group, which is conceptualised & run by a team of 3 local entrepreneurs. The mission of the group is to use food as an agent of positive change and to build stronger bonds between family and friends.

Our F&B Concepts

The group also owns and manages GRUB Burger Bistro in Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park and GRUB Burger + Noodle Bar in Balestier HomeTeam-JOM.

Come join us and be part of an exciting and fast-growing F&B business. Talk to us at [email protected].

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