Team Building Programmes


Corporate Events

Whether you are organising a corporate cooking team building activity or a social party, we have something for all occasions that can cater to your event needs!

Corporate Cooking Team Building

You are in good hands when planning a corporate cooking team bonding activity with Cookyn Inc. We have years of experience customising events to suit our clients’ needs to great success. We will work with you to make sure your team has an excellent event that they will talk about for a long time to come! No matter your budget or group size, we do our best to customise a program suited to your needs. Drop us a note today.

The Global Kitchen Challenge – Signature!

Looking for a fun team building activity to challenge your team and spur them to work together? Our signature programme, The Global Kitchen Challenge is what you are looking for. Your team will be hosted by our fun Master of Ceremony who is in charge of ensuring your team not just cooks, but has a roaring good time doing so! Your team will be broken up into smaller groups to prepare a gourmet feast and you get to taste an International spread with a variety of global cuisines we offer.

Each group will receive the personalised care of a Cookyn crew member who is trained to engage your team and keep them excited when cooking! Along the way, expect the kitchen to throw out some challenges like a secret ingredient or an unknown herb. Will your team pass the Kitchen Challenge and use their individual skill sets to bring something to the table? Celebrate your victory by sitting down together for a glorious meal that embodies the result of your hard work and team spirit!

Recommended for group sizes of 14 – 90 pax
Prices from: SGD120 per pax onwards
*Price is subjected to GST

A Taste of Singapore – Local Cuisine Fun

For a unique taste of Singapore and its signature dishes, look no further than our “A Taste of Singapore” programme. Your team will challenge each other to cook up dishes representative of the different parts of Singapore before presenting a uniquely Singapore meal together. To spice things up a little more, you could even create a local hawker carnival setting where everyone gets to vote for their most favourite dish!

No experience in Singaporean cooking? Not to worry, you’ll be surprised at the delicious food you will be able to create with just a little direction from our experienced & fun Cookyn Inc crew. Give your overseas guests a fun local experience they will be talking about on the flight home, and for some time to come!

Recommended for regional group sizes of 14 – 60 pax
Prices from: SGD120 per pax onwards
*Price is subjected to GST

Corporate Dining Party – Real Good Food

Planning for a year-end party, celebratory dinner or even your next D&D? Let us create the party you are looking for. Get to experience a one-of-a-kind dining in a private cosy setting all to yourself with a wide selection of quality buffet dishes for you to choose from!

Recommended for group sizes of 50 – 80pax
Prices between SGD68 – SGD88

Corporate Cookyn Challenge – Perfect for small groups

More than just a cook-together session, our Corporate Cookyn Challenge creates an intimate and meaningful activity for your team members to come together, working in 2 smaller groups to get to know each other better through a light hearted yet fun competition. We would pose a challenge or two to the groups that will enhance the fun and excitement throughout the session. They would compete against each other and at the end of the session, there will be a winning team selected by our panel judges.

Teams would have to exercise teamwork and put their creativity to work as there would be several components that they would be judged on, eg creative presentation of the dish. And at the end, they would be able to sit down as a group to enjoy the 4 dishes prepared.

Recommended for group sizes of 8 – 13 pax
Prices from: SGD120 per pax onwards
*Price is subjected to GST

Cookyn Journey – Creative Cooking Fun

Your Cookyn journey starts even before you start cooking in the kitchen! This fun-filled programme requires your team to discuss their strategy to work with a given budget and source for the best ingredients that will set their dishes apart from the rest. Teams then blaze down the supermarket aisles in search of the ingredients for their dishes.
This programme will allow your colleagues to display their cooking prowess while working within boundaries to ensure a great meal around. Your team will then sit down to enjoy a meal that celebrates both group effort and individual flair.

Recommended for group sizes of 14 – 60 pax
Prices from: SGD130 per pax onwards
*Price is subjected to GST

High Tea ExtravangaNza

Planning an after-lunch team bonding for your company and not too keen to whip up a full course meal? Our High-tea Extravaganza is the way to go! In your teams, you will be preparing an array of delicious light bites, from savory to sweet, from pastry to dessert, they are perfect for a late afternoon event to round up the day.

Not just a challenge, the high-tea menu would be one that you’d love to recreate at home for your loved ones. Get ready your coffee and tea, it’s time for the High-tea Extravaganza!

Recommended for group sizes of 8 – 50 pax
Prices from: SGD120 per pax onwards
*Price is subjected to GST